AMC Data Commons


The AMC Data Commons (AMC-DC) is an effort by the AMC network to standardize AMC datasets and make such data and associated information centrally accessible via an online portal. The AMC-DC web portal will allow authorized users to search and download AMC data, and provides summaries of the AMC data collection by various meta data descriptors.

AMC laboratories are collaborating with the Operations and Data Management Center (ODMC) and Statistics and Data Analysis Center (SDAC) staff to develop assay-specific data standardization plans. According to these specifications, laboratories will upload data to scalable AMC-DC cloud storage. Laboratory data will then be integrated with clinical study data and will be made available for searching and downloading via the AMC-DC web portal.

AMC Data Commons Diagram

This page serves as a temporary central resource for AMC-DC materials while the AMC-Data web portal is being developed. Contact the ODMC to Request AMC DC Login Credentials. Access AMC Data Commons Portal Prototype [restricted access]

AMC Data Commons
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