Outreach, Education, Recruitment, and Retention Committee (OERC)

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The AMC Outreach, Education, Recruitment, and Retention Committee (OERC), a multidisciplinary team including cancer specialist and community representatives, was established in 2005 to make recommendations to improve enrollment and to enhance the diversity of volunteers in AMC trials.  The committee works to increase the visibility of the AMC, by promoting community awareness and health care provider education in all aspects of HIV-associated malignancies and by advocating for the recruitment of volunteers into AMC sponsored clinical trials. The AMC community representatives provide their input into all activities and initiatives based on their close contact with and knowledge of the HIV/AIDS community.

Mission Statement

We are committed to increase the awareness and visibility of all AMC protocols. We assist, coordinate, and lead efforts that include seeking new volunteers for trials, and educating the community regarding cancer treatment options. We work to ensure safety, quality, and accessibility in all AMC protocols for people living with HIV/AIDS, particularly underserved minority groups. 

The current goals of the OERC are to:Members

  1. Provide solutions and feedback on issues related to outreach, education, recruitment, and retention of volunteers into AMC clinical trials.

  2. Discuss ways to enhance the work of the AMC Working Groups by focusing on recruitment and retention of study volunteers.

  3. Advocate for issues related to the participation of ethnic and racial minorities and women in AMC clinical trials.

  4. Participate in monthly conference calls. The calls are scheduled the second Thursday of every month.

  5. Facilitate interactions between AMC sites and their respective community advisory boards.

  6. Help develop plans and processes to facilitate study volunteer navigation in AMC clinical trials.

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